The Pressure

DSCF0304There’s too much vague social pressure to achieve. I get tired just thinking about how well-rounded and interesting I’m supposed to be. I have time on my hands, after all…I should be doing something “constructive”.  Isn’t reading a good book constructive, considering how long it probably took the author to write it?

Once upon a time, I was pure potential. I think I still am.

That’s not me reading in the pic above…that’s my husband. He is not pure potential. He is realized potential. That’s why he enjoys reading so much.

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Today my husband and I went to see “To Kill a Mockingbird” at the Festival Theatre in Stratford, Ontario. We thought this would be fun and neither of us had been to Stratford to see a play in spite of living very close by (an easy two hour drive).

Well…the play was great. Ted couldn’t hear anything though, because he’s hard of hearing and his hearing aids aren’t working very well lately.

And…I got pretty pissed off at the noisy high school boys sitting next to me. They made so much noise I wanted to stand up and tell them to “Shut the fuck up!”. But of course, it’s 2018 and had I done this, many cell phones would have come out and recorded the outraged tirade of a middle-aged woman. It would have gone viral in minutes and by the time the play was over, I’d be known throughout the world as “that bitchy lady at Stratford”. Or worse, “that crazy lady at Stratford”.

Also, I didn’t want to embarrass them. I sacrificed my enjoyment for their emotional well-being and I don’t regret it.

See kids…see what strangers do for you and you don’t even know it, you little ingrates.

Nice day. We had fun.

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Breakfast…breaking the fast

It doesn’t matter how you do it…just eat something when you get up so your body doesn’t think it’s starving. Today I had two hard-boiled eggs and a soup made with chicken stock and vegetables.

It was easy. It was delicious. It helped that I had the chicken stock already made from scratch. For a recipe, scour the internet…you’ll find one. Mine was made from a baked whole chicken, which I put in the slow cooker for 20 hours on low. I added ground turmeric, ground ginger, sweet paprika and salt. A little apple cider vinegar in the mix pulls the collagen out of the bones.

It’s delicious and filling. I sauteed some veggies, in this case brown mushrooms, zucchini, garlic and fresh ginger.

I wasn’t hungry again until 1pm and breakfast was at 8am.

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